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SimpleOne is a software provider of solutions for business service process automation. The solutions are built on an in-house platform bearing the same name.

The SimpleOne platform allows to automate the process of service delivery in company’s service units, including IT, HR, Administration Services Branch, legal department, and other, in line with the best practices in the field – ITIL and VeriSM. The SimpleOne solutions are specifically designed for medium-sized and large corporate and state customers seeking to improve the efficiency of business processes by introducing the service approach and striving to digitally transform their businesses.

The integration of the platform and the platform-based solutions is carried out by our integrator partners.

Achievements SimpleOne

Проект внедрения SimpleOne для торговой сети Монетка победил в номинации «Лучший проект по управлению ИТ» конкурса «Проект года» GlobalCIO 2023.
Проект внедрения ESM-системы SimpleOne в МТС-Банке победил в номинации «ITIL принципы» конкурса «ITSM-проект года 2023».

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Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Concept

The concept of the Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is based on the service approach.

With the service approach, each company department is considered a service provider for the other departments or external customers.

The automation of these departments allows to improve the efficiency of service delivery, which leads to an increase in the performance of the main departments that are directly involved in product creation and service delivery.

Applying the service approach leads to:

  • improvement in the quality of service delivery;
  • risk minimization of downtime in the main business processes;
  • growth of satisfaction among service consumers.

The SimpleOne platform helps to automate the process of service delivery in accordance with the ESM concept and can become the foundation for digital business transformation.

Service Process Automation

The SimpleOne platform is at the сore of the automation solutions for:
IT Department
IS Department
Financial service
Administrative Office

SimpleOne Advantages

Integration in the shortest possible time
The low-code and no-code tools help to reduce the time required to integrate the system and implement changes. The provided integration tools allow to quickly integrate the solutions into the current information ecosystem.
The modern interface design and the implementation of best practices in user experience help to make the interaction with the system convenient and intuitive for users of all ages.
High performance
The platform is designed to support high loads, which ensures high-speed system performance when a large number of users work simultaneously.


Developed with the best methodologies and practices (ITIL®, VeriSM™ ).
Available by subscription from the secure cloud.

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